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A wasp (vespula vulgaris) is approximately 14mm long and has a brightly banded thorax, which is coloured in yellow and black. Wasps occur almost anywhere and are beneficial to your garden as they collect insects and bugs to feed to developing wasp larvae in the nest during the summer months.

Wasp nests occur in the ground, in roof spaces or sometimes freely hanging from tree branches or rafters. A nest is made from chewed up wood pulp, which can come from a variety of sources including trees, wooden fences, and garden furniture. Large, fully developed wasp nests may contain several thousand individuals.

For most of the year the wasp is not a pest as it collects insects to feed the young grubs. Only in later summer when it turns it's attention to fruit and sweet substances does it become a nuisance.

SDA Pest Control specialise in the treatment of wasps, having successfully provided pest control services to clear nests from a number of sites across St Ives and the surrounding area.